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A sleep study is a recording  that includes measurements  used to identify various sleep disorders. During sleep testing electrodes are apllied to your head with paste. The paste is easily removed and does not damage your hair. The other electrodes are applied with EKG sticky pads. These are necessary to monitor brainwaves, muscle movements, breathing , snoring, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. None of these devices are painful or dangerous and all are desinged to be as comfortable as they can possibly be.

What do i need to do for the overnight Sleep Study?

* Avoid caffeine, alcohol, or napping the day of the test.
* Bring comfortable  clothing to sleep in. You may also bring a pillow, if you'd like.
* Eat your normail dinner before you come in.
* Shower and wash your hair. Do not put oils/lotions on your skin.
* Bring any medications you may need to take before bedtime.
What will happen when I arrive at the Sleep Center?

Please arrive to your scheduled appointment at 8:30 PM . The Sleep Center does not open until 8:30 PM if you arrive early please wait until the Sleep Center is open.  After you check in a technician will greet you and show you to your room. The technician will explain the setup proccess, and answer any questions you may have. You will be given time to change into your night clothes, and get ready for bed. There may be a waiting period while the technician applies the electrodes. You may read, and relax during the time before the test begins. If you have any morning commitments  please inform the technician otherwise discharge time will be between 5:00-5:30 AM.

+ What is a Sleep Study?